what I did in class

Today I mostly did communication systems and sign language. Sign language is made in south america and france. It is called ASL and FSL. Sign language is for  who can’t hear or talk. They usually talk with  their hands.



This is a UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME VIDEO! ***** out of ***** stars! 😉


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xmen days of the future past

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new trailer. It is about a future wolverine who’s mind goes back

50 years in the past and takes control of his past body and brings together the x men to save the future. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Chocolate Volcano

This story starts with a little girl named Kally that lives with her mom in a little cottage in London. They were really poor. The cottage was 2 yards wide and one story was 1 meter and 2 stories tall. The 1st floor had a very small table and 2 chairs. There was also a desk to cook and some ice in a pot on the desk to freeze things. On the second floor there were 2 beds and a desk made out of a old tree. On the desk, there was a pencil and a paper with multiplication facts on it.


Kally  had 5other friends that are very rich and mean. They never let Kally in there house because she was poor. So she always went home crying.  Those mean friends were called, Billy,Dylan,Sophia,Grace and Isabella. Even when Kally invites them, they never come because her house is too small.  They never invite her either.

When Kally told her mom about it, she was so sad and she felt like crying but she told Kally  “Don’t worry. We are not that poor.”

Then Kally answered ” But if we are not that poor, why don’t we buy T.V’s or a new and bigger house?”

So her mom said” That don’t matter for you.” and she went up stairs to her bed.









chocolate Island

Chocolate Island

Chapter one

Do you know that there is a chocolate island? In fact, a long long time ago, there was a chocolate island.

I am going to tell you  a story about Chocolate island.

A long long time ago…. There were a chocolate island. Front of chocolate island, there was chocolate beach.

Do you think the beach will taste good? No! The beach taste salty as just regular beach! Okay going back to story. The people in chocolate island always think about our world. We don’t have a chocolate in every where!! just like that. Sometimes in the school the topic is ‘How it will be if the chocolate island is gone and there is another island or world?’ And they also write about us. Just like us. They was writing an  article about us.

Chapter two

Crazy adults

The children of chocolate island doesn’t like chocolate at all. But adults in chocolate island love chocolates. If they don’t eat the chocolates in only like 10 minutes, they will cry and cry if someone give will chocolates, they will not cry. If someone not give a chocolate, they will cry until someone give a chocolate. The children in chocolate island were very scared and afraid because their parents were eating and eating chocolates all they. Now, the parents are not working not cooking the food and they always eat and eat. Think about it. If your parent are just eating the chocolates and not working and not cooking? You will be hungry and poor. Even your parents have money they will use it for chocolates!!!!!! That was a problem of the children. And the parents was being more crazy and crazy.

Chapter three

Adventure of children

The children decided to go out of chocolate island. Because they was so tired and the parents even care for them. Only few of children decided to go. Other children doesn’t want to go. They want to stay with their parents.   Also they want to stay with their parents but they were tried and if they stay they will died………..

The name were Kelly, Isabella,emma, and Sally.  Kelly decided to bring a food,  tent , some of money, and clothes and stuff that she need.

Isabella decided to bring some of money 4 bottle of water,whatever she need and a  2 blanket. Emma bring 4 pillows,money,something that she need and the light. Sally bring money, parent’s 2 cellphone,and the whistle when it is emergency.

Chapter four

Adventure never stops

Emma, Isabella, Kelly and Sally met together at early morning.

“ Guys did you bring that you need to bring? Asked Isabella.

“ Of course we bring!!” Shouted Emma, kelly and Sally.

“Did you bring that you need to bring?” Asked Sally.

“ Ummmmmm………” Isabella cried.

“ Why you didn’t bring?” Shouted friends.

“ Tell Isabella!! Please tell us!!!” Shouted friends.

“ I was just joking.” “ I was just tricking you guys!!”  said Isabella laughing so much.

“ Ha ha ha ha ha !!” laugh the friends.

“ By the way where we going first?” Asked Emma.

“Oh yes! We were forgetting about that!! We need to go out of chocolate island. Other ways, our parents will get us! We better go out because this 12 o’clock, our parents will wake up!! We better run!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Shouted Isabella and Emma!!!!! They went out of chocolate island by walking and walking. Of course they were tired. But when they ride something like a car,or bus or taxi, they will have an accident!! Why? Because in chocolate island’s adult are crazy of chocolates.

Chapter five

Ocean adventure

They got into nearest ocean in chocolate island. They were so tired that they want to go tomorrow. First, they set up the tent. And they decided to put 1 blanket on the bottom and other blanket, they shared. The 4 pillows, get one for each person. And they ate their food. For the money, Emma bought 1500 peso. Isabella bought 1500 peso , Kelly bought 1000 peso and Sally bought 1000 peso. So now the money are 5000 peso. Do you think this is a lot of money? Mabe…. Because Maybe they need to stay a year or even until they died!!

Chapter six

Cool city

They went to the cool city. It was no chocolates in anywhere so it was just like manila city. For them, it was so cool and everything was awesome!! The city was very cool because there were towers and the adults were not crazy and they are not eating chocolates. Of course they do. But They don’t  eat chocolates as that chocolate island’s adults does.

Looking that lovely parents, Emma, Isabella, Sally and Kelly were thinking about their parents. Before, their parents were so lovely and not being crazy. But one day, they taste once ,they became crazy. All of us think and think. How come that be? Because   before, the parents never love chocolates. ………………… a minutes later.

Sally quietly said. “ Did anyone saw that what was the chocolates look like? when your parents eat?”

“ I did! I saw!” Shouted Kelly!

“ How does it look like?” Asked Isabella, seriously.

“ It was like Star shape and there was a sprinkles on top.” Said Kelly

“ Umm….. “ All of the friends wonder.

“ Oh ya! Gus you can look Secret Book Of Chocolate Island!” Said Emma.

“ Did you bring the secret book of chocolate island?” Said Isabella.

“ Of course I did! I did not tell you guys. Sorry.” Said Emma.

“ It is okay but can you read the book? Go to the page 27. You will see the chocolate that your parents ate. Said Sally.

“ How do you Know?” Asked Isabella, Emma, and Kelly.

“ When you add all of the title of the secret book of chocolate island, the answer is 27.” Said Sally.

“ Okay guys. Lets look at it.” Said Emma.

Emma open the book and she go to the page 27. And it was the chocolate that their parents ate! it was a star shape and there were sprinkles on top. And it next of the picture, it was says like this: Warning. If you eat this chocolate, you will be crazy and you will loving chocolates ever. But only one ways to return is go to the store called ‘ Mystery store…..’  ‘ And there in the Cool city.’

Emma said. “ Thats great! We are already in the cool city!! Come on guys lets go to the mystery store!! Let’s save our parents!! Okay? When Emma looked behind, Sally, Kelly, Isabella were not there. Where are they? Asked Emma.

Chapter Seven

Alone Emma

Emma was so scared to stay alone. Emma was also being alarm and she look again look at the Secret Of Chocolate Island. She was looking closely. And after 30 minutes later…… “ Finally! I find it!” shouted Emma. Emma found that there was a little one more warning in page 27. That was: Warning the person can bring some of girls and boys …….. The ways to get the boys and girls is go to the largest chocolate house in world. And order 3 milk chocolates and find them and find the girl or boy and trying to get them eat. But this chocolates has a chilly but you can not tell the people that get in lost. If you do that, the men will get the people in the lost forever, and you might also get in lost forever………… Emma thinked that she is in really serious time. So she was finding for the largest chocolate house in the whole world. First she asked someone for help. Emma saw a person who was eating a 3 milk chocolate so she ask him where did he bought that. The man ask. “Why are you asking me that where did I bought this?” Emma repet. “The chocolates look delicious.” “Well……… I bought this in Mystery store.” The man said like mysteries voice. “Thank you so much sir.” Said Emma. And she asked where the Mystery Store is. Emma found where it is and she walk and walk until she found a Mystery Store………………

Chapter Eight

Finally found the Mystery Store.

Emma was walking walking the whole time and FINALLY she found the Mystery Store. First she thought t Mystery Store was not in cool city, because when she was walking, she can’t find anything there were only a tall building. When she reached into the end of the cool city, there was a little desert and in there,there were a little villages and there was a some houses. The Mystery Store look like spider webs all around the Mystery Store and in the Mystery Store,there was a grandmother with a long nose and there, there was a magical stuff and mystery stuff. Emma was scared but she went inside of Mystery Store. When she went inside the door, the door just close by itself and the door locked and all the windows……….

The grandmother asked.” What do you need?”

“ I need a 3 milk chocolates.” Said Emma.

“ But why do you need? And that chocolates has chilly inside.”Asked Grandmother.

“ I like spicy things.”lied Emma. “ And I want to eat that chocolate.” Continued Emma.

“ Okay” said the grandmother. “ But do you have a money? Because this is quite expensive…….” Said grandmother

“ I do have a money but… How much is the 3 chocolates are?” Sid Emma. “ Because I only have 1500 peso.” Said Emma.

“The chocolates are 600 peso.” Said Grandmother.

“Ya! Thank you so much. Here it is a 600 peso. Now, can you give me 3 milk chocolates please?” Said Emma. The grandmother gave Emma 3 chocolates and Emma was walking for a house because the Mystery house was scary. Emma walk again again in the village.


how frozen should have ended

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This is a video by HISHE on how frozen should have ended. In this video elsa’s parents give her to professor x so elsa and anna didn’t have such a bad childhood.

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