~Meet the StaffBAMBOO 029

The Bamboo Shoots team is growing bigger.  Get to know the new staff as well as the old ones.

~Chosen Children Village Foundation

In connection to their unit of inquiry on Child Rights, two Grade 4 classes went to an out-of-town fieldtrip.  They had fun at the orphanage that houses special children.

~Sports Day

Enjoy this comic page! 🙂


~Children Musical Theater

Watch as the Bamboo Shoots team  interview Ms. Linell about “DIG IT” and her thoughts  on CMT.

~The Big Question

Share your thoughts and discuss ideas.  Check this week’s BIG QUESTION.


Bamboo Shoots learned this new tool of reporting.  Listen!

Bamboo Shoots Magazine: Digital Copy

The long wait is over.  Check out the magazine’s digital edition as it goes LIVE!

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First Semester (August-December 09)

How to Stay Fit and Healthy?

A podcast episode by Ms. Bo’s and Ms. Steven’s class.

Picture_162♦Immigration Island

Find out more about going through Immigration Island.

Student Council Relief EffortsPicture_040

Bamboo Shoots got the chance to interview Ms. Riviello about what students did for the flood victims.


Hannah found out Picture 051a lot about this afterschool activity and how much you need to take care of animals.

We Want to Know Your Thoughts

Check out the latest CMC book reviews, views and discussions.

♦ Cool Stuff

Try our latest word hunt and learn new Filipino words 🙂